Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google Pixel 8 Pro: Tech Behind the Camera

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Google Pixel 8 Pro emerges as a beacon of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what a mobile camera can achieve. With its cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design, the Pixel 8 Pro promises to redefine our visual experiences. Let’s delve into the fascinating tech behind its camera system.

Enhanced Sensors and Optics in Google Pixel 8 Pro

The Pixel 8 Pro boasts a trio of powerful cameras, each meticulously crafted to capture stunning imagery. Here’s a breakdown of its camera setup:

  • Wide (Main) Camera (50MP): The main camera, equipped with an F1.68 aperture, captures 21% more light than its predecessor. The larger sensor size ensures improved low-light performance, allowing you to snap vivid photos even in challenging conditions.
  • Ultra-wide Camera (48MP): The 11mm-equivalent ultrawide lens receives a whopping 105% more light, thanks to its F1.95 aperture and a sensor that’s 63% larger. Whether you’re capturing sweeping landscapes or tight indoor spaces, the Pixel 8 Pro delivers exceptional clarity.
  • Telephoto Camera (48MP): The telephoto lens gains 56% more light, transitioning from an F3.5 lens to an F2.8 optic. Zoom in confidently, knowing that every detail will be preserved.

Computational Magic: Dual Exposure and More

Beyond hardware upgrades, the Pixel 8 Pro leverages computational photography to elevate your shots:

  • Dual Exposure: This groundbreaking feature optimizes videos by simultaneously capturing two frames—one optimized for low-light conditions and the other for high dynamic range. Say goodbye to grainy sunset videos; the Pixel 8 Pro ensures sharpness and clarity.
  • Night Sight for Videos: The Google Pixel 8 Pro extends its acclaimed Night Sight mode to video recording. Even in dimly lit environments, your videos will shine with enhanced brightness and reduced noise.
  • Audio Eraser: Unwanted background noise? Not anymore. The Google Pixel 8 Pro’s AI-powered Audio Eraser intelligently removes distractions, leaving you with crystal-clear audio.
  • Magic Editor: Seamlessly edit your photos with Magic Editor. Adjust exposure, colors, and more effortlessly, all within the native camera app.

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Comparison with iPhone 15 Pro

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, the battle of the smartphone cameras continues to intensify, with Google’s Pixel 8 Pro and Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro at the forefront of this technological showdown. Both devices boast advanced photographic capabilities designed to cater to the needs of both amateur and professional photographers alike. Let’s delve into the main camera comparison between these two tech giants to see how they stack up against each other.


Starting with the Google Pixel 8 Pro, the device is equipped with a powerful 50MP main camera featuring an f/1.7 aperture and a 25mm lens, promising outstanding clarity and detail. Complementing this is a 48MP ultrawide camera that sports an f/2.0 aperture and offers a wide 126-degree field of view, perfect for capturing expansive landscapes. For those who love zooming in, the Pixel 8 Pro doesn’t disappoint with its 48MP telephoto lens, boasting an f/2.8 aperture and an impressive 5x optical zoom. Lastly, the selfie enthusiasts are not forgotten, with a 10.5MP front-facing camera that ensures your selfies are always on point.

On the other side, the iPhone 15 Pro presents a formidable challenge with its 48MP main camera complemented by an f/1.8 aperture and a 24mm lens, designed to enhance photo quality and detail. The device also features a 12MP ultrawide camera with an f/2.2 aperture and a 120-degree field of view, alongside a 12MP telephoto lens that provides a 3x optical zoom for closer shots without losing clarity. For selfies, the iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with a 12MP TrueDepth camera, ensuring your self-portraits are more vivid than ever.

Unique Feature

While both devices offer remarkable specifications, each has its unique upgrades and features. Google has significantly enhanced the ultrawide lens in the Google Pixel 8 Pro, upgrading from 12MP to 48MP, offering a broader and more detailed capturing capability. Meanwhile, Apple has refined the main camera’s pixel resolution to 24MP in the iPhone 15 Pro, allowing for sharper and clearer images. Notably, both phones introduce exclusive features: Google’s Auto Portrait mode for dynamic post-shot adjustments and Apple’s Night Sight for Videos, improving low-light video recording.

When comparing sample photos from each device’s main camera, the differences become apparent. The Google Pixel 8 Pro maintains natural-looking colors with a sharp focus, particularly noticeable in the crisp table decor, albeit with some minor blurriness in specific areas. In contrast, the iPhone 15 Pro’s output leans towards cooler tones, with an overall sharper image but slightly less detail in finer elements. These differences highlight the unique strengths of each smartphone, catering to varied user preferences. Whether you value the warmth and natural hues of the Google Pixel 8 Pro or the cooler, sharper images of the iPhone 15 Pro, both devices undeniably offer top-tier camera performance for every photography enthusiast.


In summary, the Google Pixel 8 Pro marries cutting-edge hardware with intelligent software, resulting in a camera system that’s both versatile and intuitive. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a casual snapper, this flagship device promises to capture life’s moments with unparalleled clarity and creativity.

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